Smart Choice Chimney Services

Chimney Sweeping and Inspections

Chimney Sweeping

Sweeping and inspecting a standard fireplace system is our most common service call. It is almost always done from inside the house. The process involves laying out drop cloths around your fireplace to protect your carpet and furnishings, as well as using a special vacuum to collect all the soot and creosote from your chimney. The entire system from the fireplace to the cap is rotary swept with a spinning brush that goes up the flue. After the system is swept, we perform a level 1 visual inspection looking up or down the flue and in the fireplace, noting any defects, damage, or safety concerns. If needed, we can perform a higher level of inspection including the use of an internal chimney camera to take a closer look at the system.

Cap Installations

Chimney Cap

Often we discover homes without a proper cap on the top of the chimney. This almost always leads to intruding moisture from the outside elements, as well as critters such as squirrels and birds that may infiltrate the chimney system to nest. We install the highest quality stainless steel chimney caps from some of the most reputable vendors around the nation, insuring a quick fix for unwanted invaders in your chimney.

Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Before Sweeping
Before Sweeping
Note the heavy build-up of creosote on the chimney walls.

Chimney After Sweeping
After Sweeping

Chimney Before Sweeping
Before Sweeping

Chimney After Sweeping
After Sweeping

Chimney Repair & Restoration

Chimney Restoration

Over the years, Dan has gained experience working with his father on many different types of repairs for chimney systems. Some of the jobs we have been contracted to complete include but are not excluded to:

  • Chimney crown protective sealants
  • Masonry chimney water repellent
  • Chimney crown replacement
  • Tuckpointing and masonry work from the roof line up
  • Full system relines
  • HeatShield™ resurfacing of clay liners

Larger repair jobs are typically done in the warmer months of the year, ensuring better quality and a smoother work process. Being that we are a smaller company, we never bite off more than we can chew. If your chimney system is in need of a more involved repair, such as some of the work listed above, we would be happy to give a quote for repairs we are equipped to complete.

HeatShield Installation Smart Choice is a certified HeatShield™ installer. HeatShield™ can restore your chimney's clay flue liner and save you the expense of rebuilding or relining with a stainless steel chimney liner.

Smart Choice also relies on other products from Saver System Products, including Crown Saver, Chamber Coat, Flash Seal, and Paint N Peel Fireplace Cleaner.

Service Area

Smart Choice Chimney services the entire Twin Cities metro area, including some outlying rural areas. Scheduling times and cost of services may slightly differ if you live outside of our standard service area, and varies slightly depending on the time of year. Call 952-997-3502 for a free estimate.

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